Gothenburg ----

A modern industry city, my first impression about Gothenburg. People say it is the second big city in Sweden, but since I am from Beijing, I didn't get how big it is. But what I can see is Gothenburg is really a very busy city. It seems every road is waiting in line to be repaired, buildings grow up with tower cranes and ships stay in harbour to consider if they are ready for next journey.

Compare to the huge amount of seagulls there, Swedes haven't prepare enough parks for those big birds. Many seagulls are like office workers, dress decently, fly fast and have an exactly goal to achieve. Fortunately they have a more flexible timetable and their projects are getting food anywhere. Once, a seagull diving against me with his full speed, I guess he may forgot to wear his glasses and mistaken me for a piece of black bread.

We stayed there for almost 10 days. The first five day was wonderful for me simply because it was raining every day -- for my Spanish and Ecuador labmates, hope they also enjoyed some how, at least they got a chance to improve their complain skills. People there speak good English and have fancy cats -- those cats must have human slaves around. Because every time we met, they came to me and let me touch them instead of running away. It was a lot of fun and they make me remember my little fluffy cat. Ok, my cat is not as little as four years ago, but luckily he is still a jerk. Wish he has fish everyday and keep his personality forever.

There is a river in Gothenburg -- I am jealous, we do not have any river in Madrid or Leganes! We took a boat and the beautiful tour guide give us a history of this busy city. Talk about the beautiful guide, I should say that it is true Sweden girls are very beautiful. They are blond and have big eyes -- Grace laughed a lot after she knew my aesthetic of girl's big eyes. Come on, I am from a country there are not so many big eyes, so we Asian really cherish it.

Get back to the river, it might because I am from China and stay in Spain, so it's hard to see a building has a long and rich history if it just stands there for decades or two hundreds of years. But those buildings are like marks of western industrial revolution. Chinese, just consider 200 years ago, western people started to build their first railway and our ancestor still focused on politics and closed the whole country to feel safe, you will understand why now China is not in the same level as EU and American. It is not about high technolgy or mordern buildings or automatical machines, it's about the way how people think and the way how people do things. There is a huge gap between west and China. More than 100 years ago, western invaded Qing dynasty, it's not only a bad thing. If we were not invaded we may had industry evolution smoothly and more or less catch them up, but we may still live in a feudal society and face to another invade. I am not saying industrial revolution is perfect, it has it's own problems, but at least it is a way to become to a independent country. 

We also visted Ericsson on Wednesday afternoon, don't know if it is a routine of this kind of summer schools. Last year we were in a colorful garden with wind and tulips. This time we met routers and antennas. I have a classmate who works on Ericsson China. Life is like an unexpectable journey. Many years ago he and me made magazines together, the magazine was totally about novel, essay and poem, now we both are engineers.

Then time went back to the Monday welcome reception. We had this event in a very fancy building, a huge crystal chandelier hangs from delicate ceiling, wide wooden stairs rotates to the second floor, cardinal carpet full full of every where. This building might belongs to some noble hundreds of years ago. You know, when the atmosphere is enchanting, I start to imagine how nice the food will be. Usually I don't eat too much, so when there was a salad buffet, I didn't take much, my stomach was waiting for the second dish. Then somebody gave a toast, people applauded and people left ... What a good lesson, never be fooled by surface.

It's always nice to trave around then start to realize the place where you are living now is not as bad as you imagined. People are friendly and life is convenient in Leganes, how could I ask for more.