A short summary

If one day there are only three things left for me and unfortunately they are Sports, Singing and English, please kindly pass me that knife, let me end this misery life.

This was what I said to a friend a few years ago. Nobody can ever imagine how huge pain these three lovely things put in my neck...

Barcelona —

Interesting things always have magic powers to please you, although you have to suffer the time they annoy you.

Look back the days my stay in Barcelona, from time to time I really wished I could get out of this big, noisy and crowed trap as soon as possible, full of people, hot stale air inside subway...

Animal farm

Animal farm ---

It is a novella about dystopian. According to the author, it's about Stalinist era of Soviet Union. As a Chinese it is not surprising that things in this little book looks very familiar. Political propaganda, the great purge, confessions, slaughter and corruptions are never strange...



Kafka On The Shore

It’s not easy to write clearly and precisely review of this book, but I still want to give a try. Language is not the problem— In fact I prefer English here. A big disadvantage when writing in Chinese is that I subconsciously...

Gothenburg ----

A modern industry city, my first impression about Gothenburg. People say it is the second big city in Sweden, but since I am from Beijing, I didn't get how big it is. But what I can see is Gothenburg is really a very busy city. It seems every road is waiting in line to be repaired, buildings grow up...




Musee d’Orsay, Musee Rodin and Musée de l’Orangeri

It’s kind of funny if you think the thing in this way: museums are for public, but the feelings about museums are for private. Basically museum collects many different works from artists and put them together on a small narrow place then waits for people put eyes differently. It’s difficult to find...

Paris, Paris

I’m happy that I followed the recommendation instead of insisting my stupid opinion of never come to Paris. The reason I made this stupid decision of never travel in Paris because it’s too famous and some kind of fashion in China. For some Chinese, Paris represents pink romantic, meet someone by chance...




One day in Toledo

“Great, thank you very much for you invitation!”I texted Grace back as soon as possible when I checked my cellphone and noticed her invitation for traveling to Toledo with her friend on Sunday. Fortunately, this time I was caught by my sunny side instead of social anxiety.

    We arrived...