Musee d’Orsay, Musee Rodin and Musée de l’Orangeri

It’s kind of funny if you think the thing in this way: museums are for public, but the feelings about museums are for private. Basically museum collects many different works from artists and put them together on a small narrow place then waits for people put eyes differently. It’s difficult to find someone really like the same painter or same sculptor, and even more difficult to like the same work. But if you get one, congratulations, lucky guy! In this case, you might meet someone see the world in a same way, and you get a true friend.

Musee d’Orsay itself is even a masterpiece, the building mixed light, stone, space and history together, walking inside, just walk from this end to the other end then look back, you will really appreciate its spectacular. In the middle hall, it collects many sculptures from famous sculptors, and paintings are shown in the rooms along the hall, there are also some delicate and bright decorator collections in the room of left side on the first floor. All you need to do is just grab an audio guide then use your eyes touch these masterpieces gently, open your heart feel this beautiful and powerful world slowly, enjoy your time with yourself deeply.

As same as scientists, artists also need to work creatively. It’s a way to be remembered, but also might be a way of not understood or even not tolerated by societies they lived in. Copernicus, Galileo and Rodin, Van Gogh, Gauguin … and so on, they are quite similar in this sense. Art and science always surpass secular, criticized by people who conservative and old. Then after they become to popular and classic, there will be new artists and new scientists jump into this loop, generation by generation, never stop. 

Paintings and sculptures and books have their own life and express happiness, sorrow, sadness, scare, regret, fallen, dream, smell, magic and life by their muscles, their faces, their hands and their lights and colors. Artists and writers fix and reappear human’s fleeting feelings by hard work, their works express life, and life is movement. There is a sculpture of a ten years old boy in Musee d’Orsay, he is a religious martyrs. I think maybe at beginning he was created because of religion wants people follow his loyalty, just like there are many stupid stories about our red party in China. It doesn’t matter if I like it or not, it’s just history and truth, and maybe even future. Everyone has right to chose his life, no one should be judged, just chose the way you want to pass by this life. 

It’s interesting that getting different things when read the same book again and again, for paintings and sculptures are the same. Perhaps we project our emotions on these works and they reflect from different sides. When we happy, the rain dance, when we sad, the sunshine blue. I am such a mess of a group of emotions so usually I focus on the paintings which express emotions and break the old rules, it might be the reason I get addicted with Van Gogh. However there are many other great paintings too. They are painted to express beautiful world and human body, or represent a new paint skill, or remember a remarkable history moment, or a story from Bible. They might different from their topics and their skills but they have something in common, it’s they are created for the true human being and nature instead of marketing and money. Art is freedom.

A lot of people say Musee Rodin is very lucky, it has a garden to show sculptures. I sat down beside the Thinker for more than one hour. He thinks from he was created until now and I wonder what his question and if he gets his results. For myself, I thought many many useless things and it’s so hard to get a easy way, so I just took a nap on the bench and the world becomes simple again. Paint, sculpt, write, program, .. and so on, they are the same, it’s just you focus totally and work hard, then you will get something with time. However, the result might be the most meaningless one compare to the whole process. It’s just sometime I was too focus on getting good and perfect result to make every step stable enough, then get failure in some way. Keep going on is not easy, but there is no other better choice. 

Musee de l’Orangerie collects many works, Monet and Soutine are my favorites. There are three rooms for weeping willow. Many websites say that you will be shocked after you go inside, but actually there are too many tourists and many of them want to get a perfect photo so they do not keep quiet, it’s hard to concentrate on this noisy environment. But still feel some peaceful inside. For Monet, he must wants people stop their camera and just enjoy this beautiful and peace dream, but modern society are so fast, it’s a luxury for stop step or even shut up. Many people want to express their feelings, their happiness and themselves, they have no time for others and can not just be a good listener. I think some how I am the same, hope I won’t be this any more. 

For these huge weeping willow paintings, the light, water and sky mixed together, flowers float on the water and also on the air, like they are dreaming. The first room is more bright compare to the second. The colors of the paintings in the second room are hard to distinguish, like a call from ancient. The third room was closed, only left imagination for people.

About Soutine, his paintings are also a little crazy and twist, but he is different with Van Gogh. From his painting I feel he is still keep rational inside, he express this world a little crazy just because his experiences about looking at the process of slaughtered poultry in childhood. So his paintings are focus on the conflict of live and death, he exaggerate details on people’s face or dead body to grab features and attract attentions. But the reason I feel that he is rational inside because he likes to change his paintings and almost ruined a lot. I guess when he was rational he must intend to constrain himself then tried to change the twist and crazy parts of paintings which he painted with passion totally. But some time the crazy parts of an artist might be the key point of his success. Soutine is just an observer of life, death and drama, but he didn’t allow him involve too much, he observed others’ special part and remember it, that’s all. About Van Gogh, he is a participant more than an observer. That’s the reason I like him, and might be the same reason that some people doesn’t like him.

Some people calm inside and express enthusiasm in their books, sculptures and paints, others are opposite. It’s just a way to wish or to release. Like what I am doing now, only a release and give myself an ending of this travel.